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Almost sixty years of delivering the exceptional.

Although Westley Engineering was officially founded in 1956, its roots as a company go back to the very early 19th Century. In 1812 the firm of Westley Richards & Co. was founded by William Westley Richards, an engineer who specialised in the development and manufacture of firearms for both sporting and military use. The quality of weapons produced by Westley Richards was quickly recognised internationally and, to this day, the company is amongst the world’s most respected makers of bespoke fine sporting guns.

Awarded numerous patents on firearm and cartridge development, our parent company is also the holder of Warrants from royal Heads of State around the world. We are proud to follow in their footsteps.

Celebrating 60 years.

Still a family business.

During the early to mid 1940s, Westley Richards' unique set of skills were harnessed to assist the war effort when the emphasis switched to producing machinings and components for military use. As might be expected, directly after the war the demand for bespoke sporting firearms fell dramatically. With a wealth of engineering expertise behind it, the company began to further develop its interest in providing press tooling for industry.

In 1956, the Clode family purchased the company and continue today as sole shareholders of the Westley group of companies. Under the Clode family's direction, the business has since then been run as having two clearly distinct operations - bespoke gun-making and press tool-making. However, in 1998 these were formally split into Westley Richards and Westley Engineering, reflecting their respective specialisms. In 2008, both companies moved to neighbouring purpose-designed premises and, from a location our customers find is extremely convenient, continue to thrive side-by-side.

The Team.

Exceptional - today and tomorrow.

Westley Engineering has long recognised that we can only provide the best service by working with the best people. We are proud to say that our team is a winning one: a group of highly skilled individuals who, by working closely together, want to achieve a common goal. And for us, that goal is always the same: the complete satisfaction of every customer.

As we at Westley Engineering celebrate almost 60 years of exceptional teamwork, we also look forward to many more ahead of us.

The Team

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